Dorothy Anne MacMurchy

Bob Haskell's (son-in-law) Tribute to Dorothy MacMurchy- May 10th, 2000

    My name is Bob Haskell. It is my privilege and honour to offer this tribute to Dorothy MacMurchy.

    Dorothy was from a family of five, Jimmy, Iris, June, Kenny and Dorothy. Dorothy was basically raised by her Aunt Pearl, a wonderful woman who assisted Dorothy and her family many years.

    Almost 46 years ago Dorothy met and married Donald MacMurchy and this is where life truly began for the both of them. Life in the essence that they began a family.
    Patricia, Michael, Lorraine, Linda, John, Steven, Neil and the phantom child "Lorinda".

    These kids however didn't think their family was large enough and there always seemed to be more kids today that still aren't sure that Dorothy wasn't their designated Mother. There's Suzie, Gordie, Steve and others. If Dorothy's kids had friends, Dorothy had more kids.

    In the eighties the MacMurchy family migrated west leaving many relatives and friends behind but over the years I think this was only to expand the family.
    Husbands and wives came along, Nicole, Bob, Vivian, April, Rob, Cindy then more children, Shannon, Shane, Robbie-Lynn, Jamie-Lee, Sarah, Loughlan, Felicia, Stirling, Nicole, Tyler and even more extended families, The Pilon's Faulkenham's and others.
    The friendliness and warmth that I see from this is that Dorothy had a philosophy
    "Treat friends like family and family like friends"


    Dorothy was also a woman of many careers;

    *Caregiver - Nursing the seven children - caring for Pop-Pop-an ageing Father-in-law

    *Lifeguard - Some strings attached here but all of her water babies like swimming now

    *Problem Solver - No problem was ever to big or too small. She was always ready with a solution

    *Store Operator - Wonderful memories of a Lakeside store and great chicken!

    *Secretary/Receptionist - Prompt, congenial and diligent, even in downtown Calgary

    *Camp Director - A family organized at either the cottage or where ever the family could put a tent. Believe me the tarps would be flying today

    *Navigator - There wasn't any one that Dorothy couldn't give directions to and you knew she's get you there

    *Pilot - Some of the best camp fires I've ever seen came from the wood that Don or the boys would cut and Dorothy would pile it.

    *Genealogist - A love for knowledge of her family heritage which I'm sure will be carried on

    *Computer operator - Beta tester, Patricia's number one web site critic

    *Social Director - Family gatherings were always well planned and I've never seen any one leave hungry

    *External Optimist - If anything was grey and cloudy, Dorothy would say that things will be better tomorrow.

    If any of us here today can do as much with life as Dorothy did, the world will forever be a better place. I would like to close with something a bit closer to home and say that Dorothy always had time for everyone else. She carried the worries and concerns of anyone she associated with, always willing to lend a helping hand.

    The care she provided Don throughout good and bad days is best described by one of her favourite Tammy Wynette songs "Stand by your Man".

    My condolences to friends and family and my thanks for having known and loved Dorothy Anne MacMurchy.

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