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March 23rd
Hi Everyone!
Okay, excuse the mess, but I wanted to take some quick pictures before I left last night (I stayed at John & Natalie’s last night).

My Place 014 – 016 – Views from my balcony

My Place 017 & 018 – Shows you how far up I am (don’t look Mom!)

My Place 019 – Front door area and my bed and closets

My Place 020 – with my back to the door, looking at the balcony

My Place 021 – My bed – with my new pink purse! I need to get some more pillows though… it’s a king sized bed and 4 pillows just don’t cut it. And yes, that is a new blanket and sheets… there was no way I was sleeping on that other crap.

My Place 022 & 023 – My kitchen (I bought some gladware/Tupperware things and washed them all first before I used them, just to let you know mom and everyone else… haha)

My Place 026 – View from balcony

My Place 027 – My “living room” table… the walls are cement, so I can’t put my flag up yet, I need to get some good tape.

And that’s it… that’s my pad.

I miss everyone! Hope everything is going well where you are.

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