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Margaret Wright (nee Loudon) died on June 13, 1899 in Mold, Wales. She was living there with her husband, James Marshall Wright, and their large family. They had originally come from Glasgow, Scotland and James Wright decided to return there with the family. His oldest daughter, Jessie, took over the task of raising the children. Not long after returning to Scotland, James Wright left to go to South Africa to seek his fortune in the mining industry. He was accompanied by his oldest son John, leaving Jessie to look after the family. James Marshall Wright died in South Africa on June 24, 1906. The family stayed together until December of that year. The Quarrier society was operating at that time, and still is, as an orphanage, preparing their charges for employment, usually the girls as maids and the boys on farms. On December 24, 1906 five of the Wright children were brought to the Bridge of Weir village of the Quarriers for interviews. They had Christmas together as a family that year and on December 28, 1906, the five children entered the Quarrier orphanage.

The five were Madeline, Margaret, Jeannie, James and Thomas. There they all remained, learning to prepare for employment in Canada. The first to leave Bridge of Weir was Jeannie, arriving in Brockville, Ontario at the Quarrier half-way house on July 6, 1908. James was next, arriving in Brockville on April 18, 1909. Margaret arrived on July 5, 1909. At this time Madeline returned to live with her sister in Glasgow, and finally Thomas left for Canada on April 2, 1910. They all left Brockville within a day or two of arriving to live at the home of their sponsors, where they worked for a year or more to pay for their passage to Canada. Quarrier records of where they worked and for whom are lost and very little details are known of this working time, but the four children all kept in contact with each other and ended up in Toronto in a close family relationship.

None of the four children in Canada shared their background with their children so it wasn't until a few years ago that we discovered the Quarrier connection. We can all be proud of how they overcame their difficulties as children, and their contribution to the Canadian society they helped build.

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The 4 Wright children that came to Canada

b:1892 / d:1940b:1894 / d:1942b:1896 / d:1970b:1898 / d:1969
In Canada: 1909In Canada:1908In Canada:1909In Canada:1910

Margaret Roper's
Published Book

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Wright Family Reunion
October 2, 2016

Finbow's, Feakins's and Roper's

Wright Family Reunion
August 7th, 2004

Front Row
Gordon Finbow, Gwen Finbow, Jenny Carroll, Joanne Aitken, Hunter Aitken, Margaret Francisco, Helen Nicolle, Iris Roper, Joan Davies, Angie Nicolle, Trevor Nicolle, Dylan Nicolle, Alexa Nicolle, Madeleine Gardener, Virginia Finbow, Ashleen Finbow

Centre Row
Kris Finbow, Kevin Finbow ,Kenneth Feakins, Ron Francisco, Robert Finbow, Richard Skinner, Douglas Wright, Carol Bulla, Leanne Gardner, June Norton, Aaron Pointner, Jane Finbow, Jack Nicolle

Back Row
Kyle Finbow, Jamie Finbow, Julian Finbow, Aaron Finbow, Bruce Roper, Susan Finbow, Glen Finbow , Kenneth Feakins Sr., Cole Gardner

Missing from the photograph is Jim Gardner who took the picture and Thomas's (1898-1969) daughters, Frances and Marjorie . After the photo shoot Bruce Roper's daughter Lisa and son Kevin attended.


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