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signed by Love, Trish xox on 6/23/07
Happy Birthday 73rd Birthday Dad,
Wish you were here so we could celebrate.

signed by Trish on 1/25/06
Dad, You've been gone 3 yrs and I still think about you every day and miss you alot. You're always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Dad.

signed by Love, Trish xox on 6/23/05
Happy Birthday Dad
Although I can't celebrate with you in person, I want you to know that you're thought about everyday in my prayers. You are truly missed by all of us and your name comes up often as we reminisce about the good times we had with you and Mom. Thanx for being a great Dad!

signed by Love Trish xox on 1/25/05
Dear Dad; So hard to believe that you left us two years ago today. You're in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday. I miss you and love you very much.
Until we meet again,
love your daughter Trish xox

signed by Nicky on 12/24/04
My dear Don,
I saw you today and it brought back memories of Christmas' past and all the fun everyone had, it is not the same without you, Dorothy and Neil here. We really miss you all and hope you are celebrating where you are. Merry Christmas and always know I think  of you often and hope that you are at peace. Love Nicky

signed by love Trish xox on 6/23/04
Happy Birthday Dad!!

Wish you were here with us so we could be celebrating your 70th, what a party we'd have. I know that you, Mom and Neil will have a celebration of your own.

I miss you everyday and love you very much.

Until we meet again,
Love, your daughter Patricia


signed by Nicole on 2/29/04
Dear Don,
It's taken awhile to see what you had done for us while you were here, but you gave all of us the strength to go on and to understand that we all suffer when someone leaves us to go to a better place. I know you will always be with us and look after us and for that I thank you for being with us for the length of time God gave you. I pray we learn from you suffering and hope that the next world is all that you had hoped for. I know Neil and Dorothy would have been there to greet you and wow what a reunion that would have been. We miss and love you all very much and will meet again in paradise.
Thank you for your love and your teachings although we didn't see it at the time, forgive us.
Love Nicky

signed by love Patricia xox on 1/25/04
Dad, it's been a year today that you left us, sometimes it's hard to believe it's been that long. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you alot. I hope that you are in peace and are with Mom and Neil.
I love you very much now and forever.
Until we meet again.
Love Patricia xox

signed by Lorraine on 12/22/03
I wanted to wish my Dad and Mom and brother Neil a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  This time of year was always a very special time in the Mac Murchy family. I'm very happy that we will all be together this Christmas and I know my Dad, Mom and brother will be joining us to celebrate our family.  Love Lorraine

signed by Love Trish xox on 7/25/03
Orginally entered June23rd.

Happy Birthday Dad...I hope you were watching over all of us on Father's Day as we planted a tree for you and one for Neil at the lot. The whole family was together on this special day just for you.

signed by Joanne on 2/18/03
What a wonderful tribute you have done pat for your father, I'm sure he would appreciate it very much. Just want you and your family to know that he will be missed by us as well, and now he's in a happy place with your mom and neil. May your family be brought closer together in this time of need, and be blessed. love joanne

signed by Pat & Alvina on 2/17/03
We never really knew your dad, but felt that we could sit down with him and feel like we were part of his life.  

Take care of your family Pat, you are a careing person and a very good friend.

Love Always

Pat & Alvina

signed by Margaret (Roper) Francisco on 2/10/03
I enjoyed being in the company of my dear Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Don throughout my life, having known them since barely old enough to speak. They always had a special place in my heart. There are wonderful memories of being at the cottage that I still reminisce about. The last time I saw Don was in 2001 and we went to the Stampede with Pat. It was quite a warm day and we stopped lots to rest which was fine with me as I hadn't expected that Don would even want to go. He enjoyed the outing and we had a good time. I will forever be grateful for knowing Don and thankful that he is at peace now, having fulfilled a very interesting life.

signed by Shannon MacMurchy on 2/10/03
Another wonderful job that Pat has done for her family.  

Papa, I am so glad you aren't in pain anymore and that you are with Nana and Neil.  I miss you and think about all of you often.


signed by Patricia on 2/9/03
I wanted to create a special website for my Dad just like I had done for my Mother a couple of years ago.

My Dad was a very caring man and a wonderful provider to his family. Towards the end of his life he was the most courageous man I've ever known. He is so sadly missed each and every passing day but it comforts me to know that he is in peace, without pain and enjoying the company of my Mother and Brother, Neil who went before him.

I love you Dad and miss you very much and thank you for everything you did for me throughout your life. I pray that you'll continue to guide me through life from heaven.

Love forever and ever, Patricia xox

"Until we meet again"