Donald Thomas MacMurchy

Jamie-Lee's (Grandaughter) Tribute to her Papa- January 25th, 2003

My name is J-Lee Haskell, five years ago my sister Robbie-Lynn began attending a youth group. I saw an amazing difference in her, She was kinder and more loving than she had ever been. This change was so great...That I decided to start attending the youth Group and the church soon after. I than excepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savoir. And Since have felt a calling to go into the Ministry. And I am now studying to be a youth Pastor. I believe that this is part of the reason I was asked to speak to you today about my Grandfather.

Donald MacMurchy passed away on Saturday, January 25, 2003., and we are here to remember him and the life he lived. I am one of 10 grandchildren who will miss our Papa ever much. Papa was born in Toronto in 1934. He spent most of his life in Ontario. Where he met and married my Grandmother, Dorothy (Ma or Nana). Papa was the sole provider for her and their seven children, for much of their lives. Ma could stay home and take care of all the kids because of his outstanding work ethic. The kids and Ma would spend summers at their Cottage in Orillia...Papa would be working all week in Toronto then come up to spend the weekends with his family.

When Ma and Papa lived in North Bay, they were quite the Social Butterflies, Having BBQís with many of their close friends. They were missed when they moved... to Calgary so that Papa could work on the New City Hall And stayed to finish his career at the Alberta Mortgage and housing...Supervising the Maintenance of many seniors homes around the city. Once Ma and Papa had retired they enjoyed time in Yuma Arizona as well as Sundre, Alberta. They still loved to camp and spend time with their family and friends.

Grandfathers are special gifts to us. Even oneís with "boards of education" I can remember coming down from Edmonton to Calgary for Christmas one year... and seeing what can only be described as a thick piece of wood, hanging on the wall. The wordís board of education written on it. Now thankfully I was never in need of this teaching aid. I believe that the fear of having it touch my bottom was enough, to keep me on the straight and narrow path. Thank you very much Papa.

There was a great balance in the MacMurchy household. When the Grandkids got together with Ma and Papa we saw this at itís best. Ma always had fun treats and activities to be done by all. And Papa had very specific unchanging instructions....Donít step on his foot, and the most important Donít stand in front of the TV.
When relationships are so well defined itís easy to find your place. When Ma passed away this balance changed...I had the special opportunity to spend time with Papa... In one of the places he loved the most, the lot in Sundre. Not standing in front of the TV still applied here. But it was so nice to see another side of my Papa. To go and buy goldfish for the pond that soon became large enough to fry up for dinner. That would never happen, but it was fun to Joke. To build a fence together with just the right pieces of wood. And at the end of the day sit down to dinner and say very few words, But know more than anything that you are appreciated and loved very much.

A few years ago, when Papa became very sick with kidney failure. He met up with a wonderful doctor at the Foothills hospital Renal unit, Doctor Sepandj. Papa admired him very much for the great care and compassion he showed to him and the whole family. He always felt "fussed over" during his time in the Hospital and loved it. The family would like to thank all the staff at the Foothills for their care and concern.

You may have noticed that Papa may have had a bit of a stubborn nature to him... For the past few years he had many different illness. Each time that a new one came up the doctors said it would be heís last. Then he would shock them all by a miraculous recovery. In time they began to call him the Miracle Man. I can remember each time he was in the hospital how we prayed for him... Yes they all were Miracles.

5 Months ago there was a new addition to our large family. His first great grand-child Rebekah-Anne. Papa was so excited to see her, that he even called her his own. In his last days especially... his expression always brightened when Rebekah came into his hospital room. It was so wonderful to see this softer side of my Grandfather. If I had a few minutes more with Papa, what would I say? I would ask him if he heard my sister and I tell him how much God loved him, how God loved him enough to send his son to die for him and us all.

What I choose to believe is that he heard every word. And that in his last days with Robbieís leading, or at some other point in his life... He made his peace with God, and is now spending eternity with him.

Finally, Papa what I want you to know is... We love you and will miss you very much.

(J-Lee in red sweater)

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